By sancha

NS: So you’ve been touring here in the UK for the past couple of weeks…

Aaron: Is that where we are? Awwww, damn! For a minute, I just thought we were in some strange section of Australia or something where everybody only spoke a little different and the food…

NS: Sucks?

Aaron: “Sucks” would actually be a compliment for most of the stuff deemed “edible” over here. This stuff is something suitable for, I don’t know, savages? This stuff stretches wayyyy beyond the word “sucks”.

NS: And then you’re going to be done in a couple of weeks – and then what?

Aaron: Ha. That’s a good question.

NS: Yeah, a very good question.

Aaron: Well… I volunteer at children’s hospitals quite a bit. I dress up like Barney… You’re familiar with Barney, the purple dinosaur?

NS: Yeah.

Aaron: It’s this “court order” thing that I’m actually forced to do, because I accidentally kind of… Sort of… Drove my car through a store-front window, and ran over a couple people. It’s ok though. They were REALLY old, and close to dying anyway. But that’s neither here nor there. Anyhoo, I have to do that at a bunch of different hospitals back home. I sing and dance for the kids, make balloon animals, that sort of thing. So that’s what I’m doing for quite awhile as soon as we get home…

NS: So you don’t really have a plan… For the band?

Aaron: OHHHH… THAT. No. No deadlines. If I wanted to be “professional”, meet deadlines, and be at places on time, I wouldn’t have chosen rock n’ roll as my path in life. I would’ve gone to college or something, and gotten a “real” job. I mean… In the long run, does it really matter if the album comes out in two weeks? Or two weeks after that? Or two months?

NS: But, IT IS going to come out this century?

Aaron: Of course. It’s not like “Chinese Democracy” or something. But, I must admit, it does somewhat rub me the wrong way when people keep bitching and moaning about the release date of the album. WE’RE A BRAND NEW BAND! The fact that we even have TWO singles out already… So, ten songs altogether worth of output already in our first year, and having only done a handful of shows already… And NONE of them in our home country… I think we’re doing quite alright. Everybody needs to just keep it in their pants. When it rains, it pours… And trust me, there will be PLENTY of Jubilee music out there very soon. Probably too much for a band this new anyhow.

NS: So the next project is finishing the album, not more touring?

Aaron: I want to tour more… But I already want to record the second album too. We have enough songs to even do the third. Who knows… We’ve been talking about having the second album finished before the first one even comes out. The album… and about ten other songs, are already completely finished, as far as the recording is concerned. All we have to do now is mix it. I dunno… I’m very proud of this album, but I’m eager to jump into the new stuff, cos I’m starting to get tired of the older songs. One of the songs we played tonight was recorded two years ago. Haha… And it’s still not out yet.

NS: Because?

Aaron: Well… Because it isn’t just as simple as recording it, and then putting it out. There’s artwork, mixing, etc. etc… And I felt like it was important for this band to tour before we just started putting a bunch of records out… To learn how to be a BAND first. And I think it’s working itself out best that way. It always takes time for a band to figure out what makes them, THEM, y’know? What their unique “thing” is. You know, that “X factor”.

NS: So basically there will be an album, and there will be more touring, but you don’t really know when or exactly where?

Aaron: Well, let me put it this way. It’s not like we’re ever sitting on our hands or anything. We don’t take “breaks” or anything like that. We’re in the studio every day. Every day. If we’re out of the public eye, and we’re not on tour, or there’s no shows listed on the website or whatever, then we’re recording, or making a music video, or choosing photos for the album layout, or… something. I don’t go out “partying” in L.A., or to the movies, or hang out at diners or anything like that. I’d rather sit at home alone, or in the studio, working on music. This isn’t a hobby for me. It’s a full time deal, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. And… I LIKE it that way, and wouldn’t know what to do with myself otherwise. I’ve spent  all of 2008… The entire year of 2008, either in the UK touring, or sitting in a studio in North Hollywood with no windows. I’ll be there for 18 hours a day. No social life, barely talk to my family, no girlfriends, etc. I don’t really have any friends, but the ones that I do have, I barely talk to. The only other friends I do talk to are obviously the guys in the band that I see at the studio, so that’s that.

NS: But you have to get away from it sometime, right?

Aaron: I suppose to stay “sane”, you do need a vacation from time to time? But then again, I’m not really much of a “sane” person, so I wouldn’t be the one to ask about that. Every once in a while, I’ll tell myself: “I’m gonna take a break…”, and then I forget about it. I remember last spring, after I knew I’d be done with Nails in the late summer, and then again right after the last show, I told myself: “I’m gonna stay in Hawaii another couple of weeks… Just take a vacation. Or I’ll go home and drive up the coast or something.” And then I came home, and the day I did, went straight into the studio and didn’t stop. I don’t take breaks. I take cakes. I eat Boston cream puffs and cherry puffs… Isn’t it all so glamorous?

NS: Unstoppable glamor.

Aaron: So yeah, we’re not hanging out at some mansion, doing coke off Paris Hilton’s tits… Well, Travis might be… But he just tells us about it, and then we live our social lives vicariously through him.

NS: OK. So you don’t have fun making music?

Aaron: No.

NS: No?

Aaron: Well… “Fun” just isn’t the right word to describe it. It’s never like a: “Whoo-Hoo!” type thing. It’s more like a sense of satisfaction. It’s like… I’m sure the people who built the Eiffel Tower never had “fun” doing all that hard work. BUT, when it was finished, I’m sure they were able to look up at it from the ground, and had a great sense of satisfaction from what all their hard work had accomplished. Records, albums, whatever… It’s kinda like in school when you got your yearbook at the end of the year, and then you’re like: “Ahhh”… And it has all the people you went to school with listed in there, and everybody you spent all that time with, and now you can hold this thing in your hands that will remind you of that period of your life forever. Then you hold it for like, 5 minutes, and then throw it under your bed cos you hate how your picture turned out or something, and then you get another one the next year, that hopefully you look better in.

NS: So you don’t actually have fun. So what do you have?

Aaron: Well… to me, touring is more of the “fun” part. At least everything besides the actual performance part. Playing live isn’t “fun” either… But that’s just another explanation altogether. So yeah, on tour, we have fun, we have FUN. Smoking crack… We’ll get all blitzed out… And then whoever can get the highest, and still be able to stand up and actually finish the show, wins! And everybody else who loses, has to load all the gear out. Ehhh… We eat a lot on tour? That’s like some sort of exciting challenge. Especially in England: “Who was able to find the best Indian restaurant in this weird town”. My greatest day to day challenge would probably be waking up. Because I’m always like: “Oh, yeah! I didn’t die in my sleep! This is rad, I’m awake! Ohhhh… Not yet.” *snore* Then a couple of hours later, I’m like: “Oh, I’m awake now.” And then depending on whether I’m on tour, or at home, I say: “Maybe I should go to the studio?” Or on tour, figure out what I’m going to sing on some new song we’re playing that night.

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All pictures by Anne Tai


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