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It’s all happening!

So, there may have been a few false starts. One or two… But now, it looks like the infamous White/Grey/Black project is finally launching! Let there be, you know, cheers and stuff. Fireworks.

There may be all kinds of cool things in the future including a Jubilee E.P. and other releases as well as a whole bunch of other, presumably cool, things.

Since you won’t want to take my word for it, you should head over to the WGB tumblr and read about it yourselves. Then you should head to and sign up for the mailing list (unless you already have).

After that, you’re free to be whatever you, whatever you choose and all that.

And of course you can sing the blues if you want.


More twitter news

Maybe you noticed the White/Grey/Black myspace and you asked yourself WTF (or, if slightly more prudish, perhaps, WTH) is up with that? Well, the most recent update (from Coming Home Records’ twitter) says this:

Aaron North (Jubilee + NIN) and myself have started a new company, so follow us at

So if you remain curious about the whole venture and would like to be less so, add them to your twitter for updates.


Buy cool shit

Didn’t you ever get to go to any of the Jubilee shows? Has it bugged you ever since that you never got one of those special vinyls? Do you want to be the only kid in town with a real, genuine Jubilee tee?

You need not fret. Take a deep breath and click here. It ain’t cheap, but it can be had. Including burnout tees (which I happen to love the feel of, but to each his own). And if you want to know WHY you need to support this excellent band, read their own explanation.

And just for the record, never, ever, stick a test press vinyl up yer pooper, even if it is special and all that. Not even for Halloween.


North Side Vs. Aaron North

Last year, I cornered Aaron while on tour in England and asked him a bunch of questions about the quality of British food, the pains of touring and what it feels like to sound like Damon Albarn with a cold. Being a top notch kinda guy, he actually answered them.

Since these are big and profound questions that we all occasionally ponder, we know you’ve missed this interview so we decided to dig it up and re-post it.

Enjoy. Or don’t. It’s a free country.

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