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Let’s do the Time Warp again!

Because I haven’t contributed much, lately, in the NS archives, I thought I’d do some digging around on the interwebs. Remember this interview from The NIN Hotline? Luckily, it’s still up there!  Read up on what equipment he used for each song and if he wipes sitting or standing up.


North Side Vs. Aaron North

Last year, I cornered Aaron while on tour in England and asked him a bunch of questions about the quality of British food, the pains of touring and what it feels like to sound like Damon Albarn with a cold. Being a top notch kinda guy, he actually answered them.

Since these are big and profound questions that we all occasionally ponder, we know you’ve missed this interview so we decided to dig it up and re-post it.

Enjoy. Or don’t. It’s a free country.

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