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More twitter news

Maybe you noticed the White/Grey/Black myspace and you asked yourself WTF (or, if slightly more prudish, perhaps, WTH) is up with that? Well, the most recent update (from Coming Home Records’ twitter) says this:

Aaron North (Jubilee + NIN) and myself have started a new company, so follow us at

So if you remain curious about the whole venture and would like to be less so, add them to your twitter for updates.


Save Shabbey Road!!!

Jubilee’s home studio, Shabbey Road, is in need of major repairs. To help raise money to fix the place up – and clear out some much-needed space – a bunch of Aaron’s gear from his touring days with Nine Inch Nails is up for sale. Check out Aaron’s latest message from Jubilee’s MySpace blog here.

Oh, and this.

P.S. Lotsa stuff happening with Jubilee, including an upcoming E.P., and some local live shows. Can’t wait. See ya soon.


Aaron-captioned Squires

I dug these up and, originally, was only going to post them on my art blog. But, hey, these were originally on so it was only fair to post them here! Below are doodles Aaron was kind enough to caption. Enjoy!

Aaron North captioned SoD drawing

Captioned after the crazy show in Cabazon 2006. Caption scribbled in by Mr. North.

Outta the way!

Captioned via email


Blast from the Past: Milk Carton

Remember this??

Have You Seen Me?

Have You Seen Me?