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Archived Squires of Dimness Comics

I don't remember where this came from

After thinking and thinking and thinking, I finally realized I could continue being cheap and post the super-old “full length” Squires of Dimness comics on Tumblr! So, again, the non-Mini Squires will be archived there.

You’d have to be a little patient since many of them are posted in parts. Welp, it’s better than nothing, I guess!



Aaron-captioned Squires

I dug these up and, originally, was only going to post them on my art blog. But, hey, these were originally on so it was only fair to post them here! Below are doodles Aaron was kind enough to caption. Enjoy!

Aaron North captioned SoD drawing

Captioned after the crazy show in Cabazon 2006. Caption scribbled in by Mr. North.

Outta the way!

Captioned via email