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Not that this update is of any use anymore…but hey! Pictures!

No, it's not the hat that's on sale.

Wow we suck hard. Like, so hard.

But as, Jubilee’s last Myspace blog says  – for “Gits and Shiggles” I’ll post this update just to pretend we know what’s up. So, other than an explanation of the canceled Jubilee shows, I guess Aaron has (or had) equipment used during his time with NIN on sale.

If you missed out on any of that stuff like we did, I guess there’s still some fun photos of the equipment (and other miscellaney) to look at!


Buy cool shit

Didn’t you ever get to go to any of the Jubilee shows? Has it bugged you ever since that you never got one of those special vinyls? Do you want to be the only kid in town with a real, genuine Jubilee tee?

You need not fret. Take a deep breath and click here. It ain’t cheap, but it can be had. Including burnout tees (which I happen to love the feel of, but to each his own). And if you want to know WHY you need to support this excellent band, read their own explanation.

And just for the record, never, ever, stick a test press vinyl up yer pooper, even if it is special and all that. Not even for Halloween.